Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

The term: “Adult Child of an Alcoholic” identifies someone who grew up in a home with an addict (not limited to alcohol). Addictions might include alcohol, drugs, food, sex or anything else that caused the parent to be unavailable to his or her child in a physical and/or emotional capacity.

ACAs often find themselves struggling with relationships and overall life satisfaction. Feelings that commonly arise are loneliness or sadness. In relationships it is common for ACAs to find themselves scared, walking on eggshells, or trying to be perfect for fear of losing their significant other, and at the same time desperately wanting to do things differently.

If you are an ACA who is struggling in a relationship, chances are your intuition is telling you something’s not right. You might feel confused or compelled to stay and make things work. Yet somewhere inside, you know things need to be different in order for you to be truly happy. If this paradigm resonates with you, it is a good time to seek therapy.

Together we will look at how the dynamics in your past household have affected you. We will investigate the coping strategies you’ve developed in order to survive your current environment. We will look at how you operate in relationships, what your patterns are, and what your conscious and unconscious expectations are of others and yourself. By bringing awareness to your past, and understanding how it influences your present, we will be creating space for you to take charge of your future.