Navigating the path of motherhood is a complex journey. The day your child is born fundamental things about your life and identity change. These changes continue with each new stage our children enter. Sleep deprivation, body image, and your relationship with your partner are all places that can feel difficult in those early times. Each new stage of development our children enter provides an opportunity for us to grow in response.

Our interactions with our kids can evoke our own personal history. We may find ourselves wishing to respond differently to situations, but compelled to react in ways that we regret. We may find ourselves getting anxious about things that are really not that big of a deal, or we may have difficulties setting boundaries.

It’s normal to have a wide range of emotions when dealing with our kids – from joy to anger to boredom to anxiety. It’s normal to loose it with your kids and not understand how that happened. Therapy can help bring all of the pieces of motherhood into perspective and back to what feels like a manageable place.

You can be a confident, resourced mother and feel good about your relationship to your children.