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Remote EMDR Therapy , Video On-line therapy

How can EMDR help during shelter in place in the time of Covid-19

Many of us feel unsettled in this time. For some people the uncertainty of our current situation mirrors other times of uncertainty in their lives and feels extra triggering. While we can’t undo the past, we can create a new understanding of it and enhance our ability to stand firmly in the present. By working on the underlying insecurities, anxieties and old belief systems that drive us we can strengthen our response to current events. 

Many people think EMDR is a tool that you can only use for past trauma. But it’s also a tool we can also use to clear out present day trauma. One of the most important building blocks of EMDR therapy is teaching people how to resource themselves, how to calm their nervous system and how to build on strengths already in them. 

Over the course of therapy I have seen my clients shift from feeling “not good enough” or “unlovable” to confident, strong individuals. 

EMDR is way of doing therapy that helps clients link their limiting beliefs or physical sensations to experiences and through that process, unlink the events allowing them to live more fully in the present.