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Many of us get lost as we navigate life. We get caught up in shoulds and should not’s. We may find ourselves confused or off-track, in jobs we didn’t mean to stay in, or relationships that no longer meet our needs. We may feel lost and unsure of how to get to where we want to be. My job is to help you understand how you got off-track and how to find the place within that knows what you truly need.

My Practice

My main purpose is to connect uniquely and deeply with you. My style is interactive, supportive and non-judgemental. I always offer tools and strategies to help you live your best life and tailor our work to meet your needs. By bringing mindfulness to your process, and empowerment to your perspective we will lay the foundation for growth and change. As you take time to look at your experiences, behavior patterns and outside influences, you will understand the best ways nurture yourself and achieve your goals.

My Approach

I approach therapy through a variety of modalities. I have been trained in psychodynamic (otherwise known as relational therapy or depth therapy), transpersonal, gestalt, trauma resilience, and cognitive therapy. My background in yoga and mindfulness practice helps me bring a holistic view to therapy, with an emphasis on the mind-body relationship.

My clients have shared that therapy work with me has helped them to:

  • Manage their anxiety
  • Set boundaries
  • Tolerate and understand their emotions
  • Have a better understanding of themselves
  • Have a deeper sense of knowing and trust
  • Have more compassion for themselves
  • Understand family patterns and how they influence present choices
  • Feel more balance between the emotional world and the practical world

My office is a warm, professional environment where you can relax, unwind, and get to the important work of finding your authentic voice. I provide a safe space where you can explore your fears, successes, deepest desires and disappointments.

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